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Skylights Installation

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Brighten up your home with new skylights! Skylights offer homeowners increased natural light, fresh air, and improved ventilation.


A room with natural light can save you on energy costs and breed life in spaces that may be dark and stuffy.


Also, with improved ventilation, skylights offer homeowners the comfort of fresh air and a more comfortable room.

Things You Need to Know About Getting a Skylight

The misconception that all skylights leak

Skylights have a bad reputation for always leaking. They get this reputation because a lot of installers fail to follow the installation instructions. 

As long as your roofing contractor follows the manufacturer’s installation instructions, your skylight won’t leak as long as the materials hold up (up to 20 years). If your new skylight gets through the first rain without leaking, you’ll know it was installed properly.  

How long will you skylight stay leak-free?

Remember, your properly installed skylight will stay leak-free as long as the materials hold up. But how long until your skylight’s materials fail? As long as your skylight is properly installed, it’s going to easily make it through 20 years or until the materials fail. The materials fail when the factory seal between the glass and metal cladding is compromised, and water is getting in.

To keep an eye out for failing skylight materials that could lead to a leak, it’s crucial to have your skylight inspected as part of your annual roof maintenance inspection

Know when to replace your skylight

Replacing your skylights at the right time can save you from a costly leak. If your skylights are around 20 years old, it’s a matter of time before the materials fail.

Even if they aren’t leaking yet, when you get a roof replacement I recommend replacing your aging skylights at the same time. If your skylights were installed 2 to 5 years ago, they shouldn’t need to be replaced. 

The two types of skylight installation methods

There are two skylight installation methods, deck mounted and curb mounted. Both are good methods, but each is right for a specific situation.

A deck mounted skylight is made in a factory and is ready to go in the fitted opening as soon as you open the box.  It’s installed by screwing down the skylight to your roof’s decking over the cutout opening, putting down protective ice and water shield, and finally installing the skylight’s specific flashing kit. 

A curb mounted skylight is built on-site and is (usually) retrofitted to an existing opening. On this case we would build the curb out of plywood to fit the specific measurements. We'll do this to make the curb fit the existing hole inside and fit the skylight on the outside. Once it’s built, we will install your skylight to the curb.

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